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==[[4-Pillars| Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening]]==----
==== **Social Reform**====
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==Welfare Reform==
1) Return the //Welfare State// back to the //Safety Net// concept originally proposed by //William Beveridge//.
a) End the degrading scourge of wasted potential caused by unfulfilled lives spent on benefits.
a) The state should be solely a //safety net// for those families and individuals that have fallen on hard times, or need assistance in leading fulfilled and productive lives.
a) An emphasis on //Ability// not //Disability//: focus on what people can do rather than what they can't: give everyone a chance to be active members of society who can fulfill their potential.
1) Abolish ALL universal state benefits (USBs):
a) Re-direct the savings from the abolition on USBs to the most needy - ie. spend MORE on those at the bottom.
a) Child Benefit to be Abolished: replaced by more generous Child Tax Credit system that guarantees a high quality of life and opportunity for ALL children.
a) Universal state pensions to be removed: citizens will be compensated by the removal of all income tax/NI contributions on their pension pots.
i) Low income pensioners will have their income topped up by a more generous scheme of Pension Credits to guarantee a high quality of life for ALL pensioners.
i) Fuel allowance, Travel passes & TV licence to be removed from pensioners all together.
a) Remove benefits for healthy long-term unemployed. Redirect money saved to the short term unemployed and disabled.
a) Remove benefit from anyone who won’t take a job at their skill level.
1) Abolish Housing Benefit
a) A state subsidy of private landlords.
a) Distorts the rented and private housing market: increases rental values and capital price.
a) Housing benefit to be merged with a fixed rate unemployment benefit.
a) Living wage should be enough to cover all housing costs.
1) Unemployment Benefit:
a) Why is there still a 5.5% unemployment rate in the UK when the economy is producing so many jobs, while foreigners are clammering to work here?
a) Many of the jobs being taken by socially adept //foreigners// are low technical skill but require good //Soft Skills//: //social skills//, //communication skills// and attributes such as //reliability//, //Politeness// & //Good Manners//.
a) More emphasis, therefore, on teaching these //soft skills// (eg communication, manners, politeness) for unqualified people to fill many low-skill jobs that well presented foreigners currently dominate.
a) Solve mass immigration problem by ensuring that most of the jobs in the UK are filled by UK citizens!
a) Get rid of the terrible curse of //Welfare Dependency// forever.

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