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Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening

Political Reform

Constitution - Europe - Environment - Trade and International Development - Foreign Policy

Trade and International Development
  1. More Globalisation is the key to ensuring fair distribution of resources throughout the world.
    1. Restrictions on trade lead to nationalism.
    1. The developing countries do not have the influence in trade negotiations so their access to markets is limited.
  1. Trade not Aid:
    1. End BBC and government support for well-meaning charitable giving schemes such as Comic Relief that maintain a cycle of developing world deprivation.
    1. Abolish long term food aid to third world.
    1. Abolish ALL dumping of free or cheap food and clothing onto developing world. This undercuts their own local businesses, increases unemployment, and prevents nations from investing their way out of poverty.
    1. Dumping disguised as Aid and misplaced Good Intentions create an everlasting cycle of dependency.
  1. Overseas Aid
    1. Stop the targeting aid to strategic trading partners (eg. India) who are developed enough to take responsibility for dealing with their own internal inequalities and injustices.
    1. All aid to be reassigned as Development Aid.
    1. Development aid to be conditional on Democratic reforms
  1. Abolish the EUs Common Agricultural Policy (CAP):
    1. the CAP is one of the major contributors to keeping the developing world in poverty. It restricts agricultural imports from the developing nations (their main industry) and dumps cheap food into their markets thus making farmers and agricultural workers unemployed.
    1. Remove all tariffs (especially food) with the developing world (esp. Africa).
  1. Abolish developed world state Export Guarantee (eg. ExIm)
    1. Distorts free trade
    1. Puts poorer developing nations at a disadvantage as they can't compete.
  1. Immigration
    1. Encouraging mass immigration of talented and skilled workers from developing or war-torn countries is immoral: it leaves these countries gutted of the very people that will help them re-build and recover.
    1. Many of those risking their lives to reach Europe are from the best educated and richest segments of their societies.
    1. These are also the people with the skills, ambition and languages to succeed abroad — which is why those at Calais include students, academics, engineers and entrepreneurs.
    1. a) Providing dream lives for these migrants in Europe would empty countries like Syria of the very people it most needs.
    1. Big employers of foreign nationals like The National Health Service (NHS) should consider the morality of allowing poorer nations picking up the financial burden of training their employees.
    1. The NHS is taking many of the best nurses and doctors away from developing nations that need these skilled workers so desperately.
    1. We will Deal with the causes- NOT the consequences - of mass migration.
    1. Our policies on encouraging development aid, ending trade barriers (esp. the EU's CAP), more globalisation and worlddemocratisation will allow countries to both develop economically and keep their best skilled and talented citizens.

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