Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening

Social Reform

Education - Welfare - Health Care - Penal Reform

Higher Education
  1. University Tuition Fee caps to be abolished:
    1. UK students to pay the same as overseas students.
    1. All wealthy households will pay the full amount: at present, families that sent their children to private schools are being subsidised by the taxpayer!
    1. Students from very low income families will not pay ANY tuition fees at all: universities and government will pay ALL the Tuition fees for them and provide full grants.
    1. A sliding means tested scale will be introduced that will reduce the amount of tuition fees for all but the highest earners, including maintenance grants.
  1. UK to become the research, creative, scientific, literary, musical, drama and artistic Capital of the World.
    1. The reason for living is more than just healthcare and possessions: mankind’s duty is about discovering more about the universe and pushing the capabilities of our creativity.
    1. Expand and exploit one of the UK's greatest success stories: our world leading education and knowledge sector.
    1. Pour private and public investment into R&D and creativity: government to be responsible for essential basic science and humanities that have no tangible return on investment.
    1. UK to attract top creative, science, musical, literary, drama, artistic, and research talent from around the world.
    1. At least 10% of all R&D expenditure to be on basic research (inc. science, history, literature) that will probably have no measurable return on investment (ROI).
    1. Businesses to be encouraged to vastly increase UK based research and development via the proposed corporation tax elimination, and because of their proximity to world leading UK research establishments.

Secondary Education
  1. Abolish ALL Faith Schools and selection by faith
    1. A major cause of intolerance and lack of social cohesion in society.
    1. Encouraging ghettoisation leads to a fear of outsiders that has been at the root of wars, nationalism and extremism.
    1. The liberal values of tolerance, understanding and community integration supersede any individual's freedom to choose isolation, separation and prejudice.
    1. Integration in ALL schools, including Northern Island, to be compulsory.
    1. All religious services to be taken out of schools.
    1. Religious education will be removed from the curriculum, and instead the world's religions will be discussed as a general part of a compulsory Moral Philosophy module.
  1. State Education:
    1. Equality of opportunity means that EVERYONE should have access to high class education, and the provider of these services (private or public) is irrelevant.
    1. Expand the successful parts of the Private Sector, and make available to ALL talented state school children.
    1. State schools to encourage the promotion of elites in all fields and challenge the hegemony of the private education establishments.
    1. Stop the unfair and unjust advantages of privilege by making the state sector AS GOOD as the private sector.
    1. Emphasis on creating special elite schools for Academic, Creative and Sporting success.
    1. Elite Technical Schools for trades and vocational training.
    1. Sport to be expanded for everyone as a foundation to encourage teamwork and competitiveness, for psychological enhancement, and healthy happy living (especially the problems of obesity in society).

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