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Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening

Rights & Responsibilities

Personal Choice - Personal Responsibility - Role of the State - Global Happiness - Equality & the Distribution of Wealth

Personal Responsibility
  1. Self Help
    1. If people are fortunate to be able to look after themselves then the state should withdraw from their lives. All welfare benefits (Child benefit, Tuition fee subsidies etc) should be taken away (ref. Social Reform...)
    1. Encourage self reliance: individuals don't want to be patronised and rely on the state to look after them: they want the pride that comes with independence and freedom.
    1. Wherever and whenever possible, people - not government - should take responsibility for their own lives and communities.
    1. Move away from government ought to do something toward citizens and communities taking ownership themselves. (eg. Obesity where people need to return to the concept of self discipline to solve the issue).
    1. Parents to have a life-long financial commitment to their children: absent parents (mostly fathers) who do not meet their responsibilities and commitments will be denied welfare.
  1. Community
    1. Encourage peoples 'natural' desire to help one another and neighbors - helping and encouraging others makes people happy.
  1. Immigration
    1. Encouraging mass immigration of talented and skilled workers from developing or war-torn countries is immoral: it leaves these countries gutted of the very people that will help them re-build and recover.
    1. Many of those risking their lives to reach Europe are from the best educated and richest segments of their societies.
    1. These are also the people with the skills, ambition and languages to succeed abroad — which is why those at Calais include students, academics, engineers and entrepreneurs.
    1. Providing dream lives for these migrants in Europe would empty countries like Syria of the very people it most needs.
    1. Migrants from despotic regimes and war zones will be encouraged to stay in the local region ready to return to re-build their homelands: Europe will pour money into short-term housing, sanitation and support projects that allow refugees to have a safe and dignified temporary existence.
    1. Big employers of foreign nationals like The National Health Service (NHS) should consider the morality of allowing poorer nations picking up the financial burden of training their employees.
    1. The NHS is taking many of the best nurses and doctors away from developing nations that need these skilled workers so desperately.
    1. We will Deal with the causes- NOT the consequences - of mass migration.
    1. Our policies on encouraging development aid, ending trade barriers (esp. the EU's CAP), more globalisation and worlddemocratisation will allow countries to both develop economically and keep their best skilled and talented citizens.
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