What is the Liberal Awakening...?

  1. A Global Movement where the freedom of the individual is paramount, within the framework of an engaged, cohesive and caring society.
  1. Where Equality of Opportunity means that EVERYONE - irrespective of their background - has an equal chance of fulfilling their aspirations and dreams.
  1. Where individuals fully understand not only their Rights but also their Responsibilities to society and their fellow citizens.
  1. Where each individual has the right to live his or her life in any way they choose so long as they respect the equal rights of others.
  1. Where individual well-being, prosperity, and social harmony are fostered by as much liberty as possible and as little government as necessary.
  1. Where the State acts as a Regulator to oversee the operation of a truly liberal capitalist economy unhindered by restrictive national self interest, promoting global free trade and competition that benefits the world as a whole.
  1. Where the State acts as a Safety Net for individuals who have fallen on bad times.
  1. Where the State stays out of the lives of individuals fortunate enough to be able to look after themselves.
  1. Where the State acts as an Enabler for those groups that need assistance in making themselves independent, productive and fulfilled members of society: those born into socially deprived households - or find themselves alienated from society (such as prisoners) - will be encouraged and supported by the state to become active and productive members of the community.
  1. Where all relationships are voluntary and based on consent: the only actions forbidden by law are those that involve the initiation of force against those who have not themselves used force-actions like murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and fraud.
  1. Where the world consists entirely of liberal democratic nations living in peaceful coexistence. The Liberal Awakening is the antithesis of Communism & Fascism and other statist, totalitarian, or authoritarian forms of government.
  1. Where the citizens of the world live without fear in a new Utopia that allows EVERYONE across the world to fulfill their potential, achieve their dreams and live in peace, freedom & happiness!

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