Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening

Rights & Responsibilities

Personal Choice - Personal Responsibility - Role of the State - Global Happiness - Equality & the Distribution of Wealth

Personal Choice
  1. Abolish ALL laws that punish Victimless crimes.
    1. Decriminalize ALL personal Drug use (class A, B & C).
      1. Legalise many of the least harmful - but strictly regulate their sale and quality.
      1. Strictly regulate the sale and supply of Alcohol, Tobacco, And Cannabis, and allow the prescription of ALL drugs under medical supervision.
      1. Ban the sale of certain dangerous drugs, including so-called Legal Highs.
      1. Re-Focus drugs campaign away from supply and instead onto demand. i.e. why do people feel the need to take drugs in the first place? What is wrong with our society that necessitates so many people (from all backgrounds) feel they need to use narcotics?
      1. Immediate legalisation of cannabis for medical use.
    1. Legalise & Regulate ALL Sex Work:
      1. Safety of the workers in the industry paramount
      1. Open highly licensed brothels.
    1. Right to Die:
      1. Everyone free to choose their own death when they wish.
      1. Quality of Life to take precedence over life at all costs.
      1. When a young child or adult is incapable of making a personal choice, their loved ones' decision should take precedence over the state or medical staff.
  1. Marriage & Relationships
    1. Different gender or same sex relationships to be equally welcomed when based on love & commitment.
    1. Forced Marriages to be more strictly prosecuted in law and more urgently targeted by the authorities.
    1. Arranged marriages only to be allowed if the participants are both fully free to choose and decide.
    1. Arranged marriages should not only be within communities - integration, diversity and freedom of choice are key to social cohesion.
    1. Arranged marriages should be equally allowed between same sex couples.

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