Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening

Social Reform

Education - Welfare - Health Care - Penal Reform

Health Care
  1. Everyone - regardless of age, income or background - to have equal access to a high quality health care.
  1. Who provides this service is irrelevant - whoever provides the best and most efficient service (state or private) should be used in whatever proportion is required.
  1. There should be no dogmatic or ideological stance on who is the best ‘provider’ of high quality health care.

  1. Not Life at all costs: more emphasis and resources to be allocated on assisting people in terminal pain and suffering.
  1. Obesity Epidemic:
    1. Individuals to take personal responsibilities for their lifestyle choices, and not expect the state to alwaysdo something for them.
    1. Look into the psychological causes of obesity (ref. happiness agenda).

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