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==[[4-Pillars| Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening]]==----
==== **Economic Reform**====
== [[Economic Freedom|Capitalism]] - [[Capitalism|Banking & Finance]] - [[Taxation]] - [[Borrowing|Government Borrowing]] - [[Free Trade|Free Trade & Competition]]==----

== Restrictions on Free Trade & Competition==
1) Abolish Patent Laws
a) Originally implemented to encourage innovation, it is now mainly used to stifle it and for defensive patents to prevent innovation by competitors.
a) Big companies with access to expensive law firms are using the current laws to intimidate competitors and businesses that use similar technology.
a) Also, big companies intimidate patent offices into granting absurd patents (eg. design of //Tablets// etc).
a) A 1 year 'Use it or lose it' clause to be introduced.
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