Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening

Political Reform

Constitution - Europe - Environment - Trade - Foreign Policy - Security & Defence

Foreign Policy Reform
  1. New Marshall Plan for newly Democratic Countries.
    1. Countries that embrace Democracy should be supported with huge government led investment.
    1. Show the people of the world that they will be rewarded for their courage in changing to a democratic system.
    1. This didn't happen with Russia after the collapse of communism which led very directly to a return to an autocratic and despotic system under Vladimir Putin.
    1. The Arab Spring:
      1. Tunisia's fledgling democracy should have massive investment support from the developed world.
      1. Libya should have had financial support poured into it after the fall of Gaddafi.
    1. Encourages World Peace based on the premis that: Democratic Countries never go to war with each other.
      1. A freer, happier and peaceful world of democratic nations.
      1. By integrating economies in a truly liberal capitalist system then nations all become dependent on each other.
      1. Never again will countries be able to isolate themselves under totalitarian government.
    1. Start actively condemning the most undemocratic and repressive of our so-called allies such as Saudi Arabia.
      1. Condemn repressive and anti-liberal religeous sects philosophies such as Wahhabism, and stop all charitable donations to them.
    1. Plebiscites to be encouraged around the world:
      1. Stop trying to keep countries together if regions want independence.
      1. Encourage a Plebiscite in Eastern Ukraine: let the majority decide whether they want to become independent (cf. Scotland referendum).

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