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Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening

Political Reform

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Europe (inc. the EU)
  1. Leave the EU unless:
    1. Complete abolition of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
    1. ALL developing world trade tariffs removed.
    1. Abolition of ALL dumping of surplus goods into the developing world
  1. Immoral subsidies and protectionism - as exemplified by the CAP - are having a devastating effect on the economic development of the third world will be abolished forever.
  1. The EU to become a fully elected, democratic and accountable institution.
  1. Abolish unelected EU commissioners: the current structure of the EU is democratically unaccountable.
  1. Abolish the unelected President of the European council & High Representative of Foreign affairs.
  1. The EU will become solely a true free-trade area, and will stop unnecessary and socially divisive political integration.
  1. The Euro ‘bailouts’ were mainly designed to protect creditors again: the Euro should have insisted on a ‘no bailout’ clause whereby countries like Greece could default and the lenders would have to pick up the bill for their reckless lending.
  1. End EU/ECB/government backing of Bondholders.
  1. The Euro should be abolished: the political and social ramifications are such that the Euro inevitably leads to resentment and intolerance between constituent states. The nationalist movement in Scotland and the situation in Greece is an indicator of what can happen when one country feels powerless and bullied by a more dominant neighbour.

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