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==[[4-Pillars| Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening]]==----
==== **Rights & Responsibilities**====
== [[Individual Freedom|Personal Choice]] - [[Personal Responsibility|Personal Responsibility]] - [[Role of the State|Role of the State]] - [[Global Happiness|Global Happiness]] - [[Equality|Equality & the Distribution of Wealth]]==----

==Equality & the Distribution of Wealth:==
1) Equality of Opportunity not Outcome.
1) Develop a high skill, high wage, highly educated society where EVERYONE benefits and is able to access the means to fulfil their aspirations.
1) A Stakeholder, Shareholding democracy for ALL
a) Every employee should have a stake in the success of the business they work for.
a) Trade Unions should invest in share ownership of the companies they represent.
a) Trade Unions to buy shares in companies and elect Directors
a) Trade Unions to have a financial stake in the success of the businesses their members represent.
a) Employees should be shareholders in the companies they work for.
a) More Cooperatives
a) Individuals too will be encouraged to buy shares as a long term investment, and get involved in the running of the company - including scrutinising the directors.
a) All large investors such as pension and insurance funds will be told that they have to be ‘activist investors’, attending all AGMs, and scrutinise the board of directors.
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