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==[[4-Pillars| Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening]]==----
==== **Political Reform**====
== [[Political Freedom|Constitution]] - [[Europe]] - [[Environment]] - [[Trade|Trade]] - [[Foreign|Foreign Policy]] - [[Defence|Security & Defence]]==----
1) Climate Change:
a) Be sceptical about anybody (or institution) that claims that they ‘definitely’ know what the impact will be on the climate of the next 50 years due to high atmospheric CO2 . Especially be wary or politicians or journalists who suffer from //certainty//’(eg. Boris Johnson and Will Hutton).
a) Stop wasting resources on expensive //fashionable// but short term pointless technologies like wind power.
a) Instead re-direct the investment on a massive global project to deliver nuclear fusion, superconductors, underground thermal energy, and Space-based Solar Power (SBSP).
a) The departments of Energy, Transport and Environment will all be combined to become self-financing so that an integrated policy ensues.
1) Population Growth
a) The biggest threat to the global environment.
a) A worldwide effort toward education and economic development of the developing world, especially girls and women.
1) Natural Environment:
a) Responsibility of mankind to live hand in hand with nature, and look after a globally diverse world.
a) Badger culling to be banned: farmers must learn to live hand in hand with our natural species.
a) Re-introduce native flora and fauna (eg. lynx and wolves to Scotland)

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