Reform: 4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening

Political Reform

Constitution - Europe - Environment - Trade - Foreign Policy - Security & Defence

  1. Climate Change:
    1. Be sceptical about anybody (or institution) that claims that they ‘definitely’ know what the impact will be on the climate of the next 50 years due to high atmospheric CO2 . Especially be wary or politicians or journalists who suffer from certainty’(eg. Boris Johnson and Will Hutton).
    1. Stop wasting resources on expensive fashionable but short term pointless technologies like wind power.
    1. Instead re-direct the investment on a massive global project to deliver nuclear fusion, superconductors, underground thermal energy, and Space-based Solar Power (SBSP).
    1. The departments of Energy, Transport and Environment will all be combined to become self-financing so that an integrated policy ensues.
  1. Population Growth
    1. The biggest threat to the global environment.
    1. A worldwide effort toward education and economic development of the developing world, especially girls and women.
  1. Natural Environment:
    1. Responsibility of mankind to live hand in hand with nature, and look after a globally diverse world.
    1. Badger culling to be banned: farmers must learn to live hand in hand with our natural species.
    1. Re-introduce native flora and fauna (eg. lynx and wolves to Scotland)

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