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===4-Pillars of the Liberal Awakening===

==The Liberal reform agenda is spread across 4 categories:
i) **[[Political Freedom|Political Reform]]:** //[[Political Freedom|Constitution]] - [[Europe]] - [[Environment]] - [[Trade|Trade]] - [[Foreign|Foreign Policy]] - [[Defence|Security & Defence]]//**
i) [[Social Freedom|Social Reform]]:** //[[Social Freedom|Education]] - [[Welfare]] - [[Health Care|Health Care]] - [[Penal Reform|Penal Reform]]//**
i) [[Economic Freedom|Economic Reform]]:** // [[Economic Freedom|Capitalism]] - [[Capitalism|Banking & Finance]] - [[Taxation]] - [[Borrowing|Government Borrowing]] - [[Free Trade|Free Trade & Competition]]//**
i) [[Individual Freedom|Rights & Responsibilities]]:** //[[Individual Freedom|Personal Choice]] - [[Personal Responsibility|Personal Responsibility]] - [[Role of the State|Role of the State]] - [[Global Happiness|Global Happiness]] - [[Equality|Equality & the Distribution of Wealth]]//**
There are obviously topics that overlap categories, and these will be cross referenced via 'clickable' links.
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