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    1. Free School Dinners: were the driving force in bringing in a policy which subsidises well off parents.
    2. Tuition Fees: Want to either reduce or maintain a subsidy to well off parents.
    3. Pensioners: Support the continuation of universal benefits for the elderly, such as free bus passes and TV licences.

    1. Health Service: Oppose privitisation of Health provision.
    2. From their 2015 Manifesto: " (the LibDems) are committed to repealing any parts of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which make NHS services vulnerable to forced privatisation through international agreements on free market in goods and services".
    3. Oppose the expansion of Free Schools and extend the role of councils.

    1. Desire to promote the further political integration of a fundamentally undemocratic institution where unelected 'nominated' officials weald all the power and influence.
    2. Oppose Globalisation: support a 'Rich mans club' of nations that promotes tariffs, price-fixing and 'dumping' of low cost goods in the developing world.
    3. Putting the 'Self interest' of European nations above the greater good of the global community.
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